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Bluemac is proud to announce the next generation of our roadside sensor with the latest technology and highest security with privacy, the Bluemac x7. Now with fully integrated Bluetooth® Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Wi-Fi technologies, the Bluemac x7 delivers more matches and reads for improved performance measurement, including vehicles and multimodal applications. As the importance of secure ITS increases, the Bluemac x7 implements industry leading security for device access and control, and ensures data security and privacy both on and off device. The Bluemac x7 delivers a rich data set (owned by the customer), with techniques to smartly reduce the data load – you’ve got more than enough data to deal with already! Our portal providing access to the data and analytics is combined with a deep API for Machine-to-Machine interfaces to effectively integrate with AI and ML systems. We offer multiple configurations to mix-and-match for your specific needs including in-cabinet (x7i), external-mount installations (x7e), or a stand-alone solar-powered design (x7s). Various power options, including PoE, are available, along with multiple communications choices including Ethernet and a power efficient 4G LTE NB-IoT / Cat-M1 cellular modem. With improved device management, the x7 delivers superior TCO – made even stronger with a limited time offer for new customers off an already great price.

Get 5 Bluemac x7 devices
for the price of 4!
Order 10, and pay for only 7!

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Offer valid through July 31st, 2018.  Limited quantities available. Mix and match of different x7 configurations will be discounted based on the blended pricing.