The extended Bluemac team is poured onto a foundation of innovative and effective business leaders. We take pride in providing an outstanding customer service experience, and applying our diverse talents and experiences built directly in the ITS industry and key learnings from outside of the industry in the areas of technology and general business. Among our team, we have software development and architects, hardware development, research and development, manufacturing, and technical support all led by an executive team largely comprised of former Microsoft and tech industry executives and supported by our board representing a mix of executive-level transportation engineers and planners.


Keith Szot: CEO

Mr. Szot’s background in technology and management consulting brings a unique perspective for BlueMAC in helping our clients adapt to the fast-moving world of ITS. He has over 20 years of experience with small and large companies across embedded systems, development tools, consumer electronics products, and Internet Security. He started out in RF when he was 10 years old doing shortwave, AM, and FM listening attempting to receive far away stations, then moving on to Amateur Radio at age 12 (currently licensed as W7ZOT). Steeped in the practical principles of RF, Keith completed his BS in Electrical Engineering, moved on to an MBA, and then jumped into a Silicon Valley start-up which was purchased by Symantec. Microsoft was next, working in the depths of the company to help build out the next wave of infrastructure for the Internet and non-PC devices. Most recently he was the CEO of an IoT services company focused on the ITS market. He’s engaged with many different types of customers and partners, providing a unique perspective for the firm as Bluemac works with our agency customers and the wide variety of constituents involved in ITS solutions.

Bill Baldwin, Vice President of Sales

Mr. Baldwin is responsible for expanding Bluemac’s sales efforts with more than 20 years of sales and service leadership experience with technical products and services in the enterprise space. Six of these years were at the director and VP levels at TruePosition where he was responsible for multi-million dollar relationships with T-Mobile and AT&T, and generating new partner relationships in the Asia Pacific region. Bill also held director-level positions at Unisys and SBC (now AT&T). No stranger to innovation, he has been involved in the launch stages of several start-up ventures as an early adopter of VoIP and hosted services. Additionally Bill and his teams have sold and serviced hosted and Cloud services, including telecommunications and Cyber Security. He received his BA degree from Washington State University and his MBA from Western Governors University. In his spare time you’ll find Bill on the squash and racquetball courts, or with his wife and three daughters, or volunteering as a mentor with the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration.

Randy Kath: CTO

Mr. Kath brings nearly 30 years of software and hardware development experience to Bluemac . Having worked for Microsoft on the Windows CE and Windows Phone teams as well as several successful startups Randy’s training and experience is a core component of Bluemac team’s superior competency in ITS solutions. Randy runs Bluemac’s research and development and manufacturing teams. As the VP of OEM Mobile Engineering at Microsoft, his major responsibility was to ensure the Windows Phone platform held Microsoft’s level of quality assurance across all OEMs in the very complex environment of Asia-based high volume phone manufacturing. He also owned rolling out these smartphones to an array of mobile operator networks on a worldwide basis. Randy is grounded in the ITS market having created several ITS solutions for customers before coming to Bluemac.

Mike Salamone: VP of Development

Mr. Salamone leads the Bluemac software development team. As such he is responsible for triage, scoping and development of new features for the Bluemac system. Mike has over 30 years’ experience in software development including work for General Electric, AT&T, General Motors, Microsoft, Nokia, and several successful startups. He has a firm grasp on system architecture, modern software development languages and high-level user experience development. Mike has been involved in smartphone, embedded systems, PC, Server, and Cloud solutions – both for businesses as well as for consumers, and before Bluemac built, shipped, and supported several solutions for customers in the ITS market.