Bluemac is all about solutions meeting the complex needs of our customers. Our fundamental approach starts when we first engage a potential new customer, where our sales team works to understand each customer’s core needs and propose a solution precisely matched to those needs. It continues through our deployment design services and culminates with professional installation of our devices and roll-out of the Bluemac solution. We’ve done many more solutions beyond the examples provided below, and we can even do custom design and development work for unique solutions. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Bluemac was applied to create these particular solutions.

Travel-Time and Speed Performance Monitoring

At the core the Bluemac system delivers high quality, accurate Travel-Time and Speed data and analytics via strong capture rates from freeways to minor arterials. The advantages provided by Bluemac include the high accuracy provided by the Bluemac system, valid reporting of Travel-Time and Speed on arterials insufficiently covered by other means, and full access to the data – both current and historical – for use by customers for daily operations, study, and planning purposes.

Public Facing Travel Time Applications

The Bluemac system is designed to enable application of Travel-Time and Speed information through agency managed web portals and smartphone applications. Our longest continuously running solution provides Travel-Time and Speed information through the Bluemac API into the client’s website and through a smartphone application for a straight-forward implementation to get the data into the hands of public. With Bluemac, agencies have access to all the underlying data and can set the reporting frequency to meet each agency’s needs. No black box algorithms without access to the underlying data, with Bluemac agencies get an open approach to the data via an economically competitive offering.

Signal Performance Measurement

A common use for the Bluemac system is to implement, measure, and then validate changes to signal timing within a customer’s system. Bluemac provides the historical data set before changes have been made, and then the data afterwards to be able to determine the change in performance. With our Comparative Overlay feature in Bluemac Site Services, comparing two different time periods for Travel-Time and Speed data makes it very easy for Traffic Engineers to do such analysis. Dwell Time is delivered via the Bluemac API.

Queue Wait Times

As a special application of using Dwell Times, the Bluemac system has been successfully used to determine wait times for queues. One set of customer deployments is at several major ports. Despite the complex deployment environment, by working closely with the customer Bluemac was able to tune our Bluemac solution so that it could deliver the required data for the customer’s system putting them in position to make wait times available to the Port customers and the associated trucking companies.

Origin-Destination Reporting and Studies

A strong point of the Bluemac solution are our analytics around Origin-Destination and Path-of-Travel. With the Bluemac solution deployed as part of an ITS implementation, customers at any time can access Origin-Destination and Path of Travel analytics for their covered infrastructure to calibrate travel demand models and supply data for traffic impact studies. These analytics have been used for Origin-Destination studies for freight movement, airports, retail areas, and at major employment sites.

Travel-Time Data Source for State DOT TSMO Systems

Based on Bluemac’s open data architecture and M2M APIs, the Bluemac solution is a key data source for several State DOT systems tracking Travel-Time and Speed on their freeway, highway, and major arterial infrastructure. In these cases, the agencies are fusing a wide variety of data sources and then delivering the resulting analysis both internally and using public facing properties. They need the ability to reliably receive pre-processed data that fits into their larger analytics systems. Bluemac easily supported these requirements.

Model Calibration

The accuracy of models used for planning purposes is critical. Major planning decisions should not be based on inaccurate underlying modeling. One of Bluemac’s municipal customers used our system to compare select link results for AM/PM models to AM/PM Origin-Destination data produced by Bluemac. The analysis enabled variances from the existing regional travel model to be identified and adjustments were made to increase the model’s accuracy.

Pedestrian Origin/Destination

Through the use of the Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluemac has performed basic Travel-Time, Speed, and Origin-Destination studies focused on pedestrians. The Bluemac system can be set to capture only speeds that are appropriate for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit, which combined with well-designed device placement and installation can secure reads from the Bluetooth Low Energy devices typically worn by individuals – thus a precise mapping of non-vehicle and transit movements while preserving anonymity.

Transit Passenger Origin-Destination

In concert with a major university and a large city, our Bluemac system has been deployed in conjunction with transit buses to be able to quantify the major travel patterns for bus riders on the city’s bus system. Demonstrating our system’s flexibility, we combined a set of standard Bluemac device deployments with devices specially mounted inside the buses. Through this approach and the open data availability from the Bluemac solution, Origin-Destination data and analytics for bus riders was made possible for the city.

Interagency Collaboration on Travel Time Data Solutions

One of the biggest challenges facing agencies is how to share data and analysis across agency boundaries. At Bluemac we’ve been on the cutting edge helping several sets of agencies establish the technology infrastructure and processes enabling them to share Bluemac Travel-Time data and analytics between participating agencies. With Bluemac these agencies have built solutions providing data across agency boundaries in ways that meet the needs of each agency and follow required policy around such data sharing.

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