In need of the Bluemac solution for a short-term Travel Time or Origin-Destination data collection project or study? Contact one of our data collection partners – they are available to provide Bluemac rentals and can deploy the devices, manage the deployment during the survey, and handle the collection and reduction of the data as needed.

Quality Counts

Quality Counts is a full-service traffic data collection firm founded in 2003 in Portland, Oregon. Since its inception, QC has grown to a nationwide data collection firm with offices around the country. Locations in Oregon, Louisiana, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, California, Tennessee, Florida, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

MARLIN Engineering

MARLIN has been designing, building, and innovating communities for 25 years. The MARLIN team integrates ingenuity and knowledge to assist public and private clients in their efforts to maintain, improve, expand, and modernize existing transportation facilities. Locations in Florida and Puerto Rico.

IDAX Data Solutions

IDAX is a multimodal data collection company providing public agencies and private clients with accurate and meaningful data to serve any data-related needs that they may have. Locations in Washington State, California, and Colorado.

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