• A Florida statewide deployment of Bluemacs – Pensacola to Miami, Jacksonville to Southwest Florida
  • Quantification of Origin-Destination, Travel-Time, and volume of:
    — State-wide port truck traffic
    — Cruise terminal traffic at select ports
  • A cost-effective endeavor for MARLIN Engineering and FDOT

MARLIN Engineering utilized the Bluemac system as a cost-effective means to monitor freight activity between Florida’s seaports, regions and across the Florida state line as well as quantify cruise passenger trips across the state. With the data set, MARLIN completed the Statewide Seaport Origin/Destination Study on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

The scope of the project was staggering – from Pensacola to Miami (almost 700 miles!) and from Jacksonville to Southwest Florida (near 500 miles). Bluemac devices were deployed throughout Florida with a thoughtful design done in collaboration between MARLIN and Bluemac to locate devices for the effective capture of truck activity at ports and cruise terminals to achieve the resulting analytics. FDOT’s extensive Telemetered Traffic Monitoring Sites (TTMS) and Portable Traffic Monitoring Sites (PTMS) were applied to provide convenient installation points with power and network connectivity for the Bluemac devices. In all 8 Seaports were covered – Port Canaveral, PortMiami, Port Everglades, Port of Palm Beach, JAXPORT, Port Panama, City Port Manatee, and Port Tampa Bay – with 4 screen lines to detect North/South movements.

Via Bluemac’s Site Services, the core analytics of origin/destination trips and travel time/speed for freight and cruise movements were easily determined. Additionally, by accessing the rich underlying data set made available by Bluemac , MARLIN was able to filter the millions of data points collected to create a calibrated model fortified by additional measurement techniques to build reasonable estimates of truck movements and cruise passenger vehicles throughout the state.

The resulting robust data set of more than 25 million records reflects the movements of almost four million unique vehicles detected at multiple locations over a 35-day period. The data set also delivers speed, travel time, origin/destination and distribution patterns for each site and for corridor, regional, inter-regional and interstate studies over a month, week, weekend, weekday and peak and off-periods.

Through MARLIN’s study using Bluemac , FDOT and the State of Florida were then able to:

  • Use the data to enhance and validate the Statewide Freight Model;
  • Apply the data to calibrate freight trip lengths in the Statewide Freight Model;
  • Build a better understanding of national and interregional freight movements between urban areas;
  • Monitor freight activity on the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS), Interstate and National Freight Network facilities;
  • Investigate applying the data for emergency management before, during and after major events such as hurricanes; and,
  • Potentially enhance Florida’s Future Corridors program, prioritization on the SIS, the Florida Freight Mobility and Trade Plan and federally required performance measures.

“Information generated from this project and its analyses will set the basis for future strategic planning, investment, and performance measurements of vehicle movement throughout the State of Florida.” – Jeffrey Weidner, Deputy Project Manager.

This case study is adapted from a previously published report owned by the Florida Department of Transportation.

For further information regarding the project, please contact MARLIN Engineering:
Sheri Coven
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MARLIN Engineering
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