Arterial Performance

Bluemac devices help communities make good operational and planning decisions by providing transparent, secure, and highly accurate data.

Trust the Highest Match Rates in the Industry

Help your community plan for a rapidly changing future. Bluemac x7’s triple sensor technology harnesses the power of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth® Classic, and Wi-Fi, delivering 6-7 times more matches than Bluetooth Classic alone. The addition of Wi-Fi means wearables aren’t missed.

Learn What’s Happening on Your Streets

At a lower cost to the cellular probe data many agencies rely on today, Bluemac x7 keeps you far more informed. Instead of manufacturing or extrapolating results, Bluemac x7 provides transparent, field-measured arterial performance measures to help you make trustworthy decisions.

Private and secure

Bluemac x7 leads the industry in cyber security and protection of user privacy. We encrypt MAC addresses to protect our customers’ data, while respecting the privacy of others in your transportation network by choosing not to pull data from devices purposefully set to “undiscoverable.”

How You Can Use This Data

Before-After Evaluations: How have travel times changed on my route?
Travel Time Reliability Studies: How predictable are travel times on my route?
Origin-Destination Studies: How do cars circulate in and through my area?
Corridor Trip Length Studies: Is traffic on this road local or long-distance?
Automobile Dwell Times: How long are drivers sitting at a traffic signal?
Performance Monitoring: How is traffic changing over time?
ITS Triggers: Integration with Dynamic Message Systems, Traffic Responsive Plans, Incident Alarms, etc.
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