Multimodal Studies

Bluemac x7’s triple sensor opens a world of new data from wearable devices, smartphones and other sources, delivering 6-7 times more matches.

More Data, More Modes, More Answers

Make trustworthy decisions with actionable transportation data. Bluemac x7’s triple sensor technology helps you evaluate different modes of travel.

Custom Data that Belongs to You

Ready to have full ownership of your raw data? Bluemac x7 takes accurate, situation-specific measures and affordably provides transparent data that belong to you. Devices come in several configurations, with options and add-ons available. 

Private and Secure

Bluemac x7 leads the industry in cyber security and protection of user privacy. We encrypt MAC addresses to protect our customers’ data, while respecting the privacy of others in your transportation network by choosing not to pull data from devices purposefully set to “undiscoverable.”

How You Can Use This Data

Pedestrian Dwell Times: Where are pedestrians waiting within my venue?
Pedestrian Flow Map: Where do pedestrians go within my campus?
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