Bluemac provides both phone and email-based support with a state-of-the-art issue tracking system ensuring fast response to any issues encountered by our customers.

Each Bluemac device is sold with the first year of device warranty with remote technical support, and a license for one year of Site Services. Durations longer than a year are offered with the initial purchase to ease the budgeting and payment processes for our customers. Alternatively, these services can be renewed, typically on an annual basis, but multi-year options are available to offer a more convenient purchasing option for agencies.

For the Bluemac On-Premise Server the first year of support and software maintenance is included as part of the initial purchase, with the option to add additional years of support upfront.

Through our service and support the goal is to keep your system up and running using our Bluemac solution. When dealing with any device issues we focus on being efficient in the process, and we are adept in dealing with multi-vendor, multi-department support situations.

We can conduct staff and vendor training as needed to ensure that all parties involved in the solution are properly prepared to sustain a Bluemac deployment as needed by the customer.

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