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The Bluemac x7 captures more reads and matches for rich Travel Time and Origin-Destination data using the latest technology with edge computing. It employs state-of-the art privacy protection to customer-owned, white box open data, and implements strong security protecting device and data access to only authorized parties and systems. The seventh generation x7 is flexible offering multiple configuration and customization options to meet varied customer needs and harsh deployment environments yet delivers the best total cost of ownership.

More Matches, More Reads

With a “triple play” across Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi, the x7 delivers the matches needed to produce sufficient measures even in low volume traffic, to quantify multimodal journeys, and the device reads needed for effective dwell calculations.

While Bluetooth Classic remains the gold standard for quantifying vehicle Travel Time, Speed, and Origin-Destination by logging in-car entertainment systems, adding BLE delivers greater than 4 times more matches to supplement Bluetooth Classic captures. Privacy infringing techniques, such as logging non-discoverable devices, are not needed.

BLE reads the new class of smart devices as well as previously undiscoverable smartphones for additional vehicle captures while still respecting the privacy settings of citizens. BLE also provides a superior means to quantify pedestrian, bicyclist, and transit / multimodal travel, with a demonstrated capability to log more than 40% of bicyclists and pedestrians based on a study done by Bluemac.

If additional reads are needed, Wi-Fi logging is also supported. Customers can take advantage of the additional device captures delivered by Wi-Fi, especially helpful for dwell time metrics, yet still apply Bluetooth technology for superior Origin-Destination calculations – you get the best of both in one.

The system is designed to allow a mix-and-match of logging means. Customers can choose to log only BLE, Bluetooth Classic, or Wi-Fi, as well as any combination of the three.

Latest Technology

The x7 is loaded with the latest in IoT technology, ensuring a long viable lifespan as part of any ITS infrastructure:

  • 1 GHz ARM processor with 2000 MIPS of processing power
  • 512MB of DDR3L 800 MHz RAM
  • Highest spec Bluetooth Classic 4.2 transceiver
  • Highest spec Bluetooth Low Energy 5 transceiver
  • Best in class Wi-Fi supporting 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n
  • Available quad band 4G LTE NB-IoT / Cat-M1 Modem supported by all the major carriers
  • Built-in Ethernet
  • Low power draw, energy efficient and supported by a rich set of power options
  • Seventh generation hardware platform
  • Lead free process for environmental considerations

Rich Efficient Data

The x7 provides customers a rich data set which is smartly compacted using edge processing on the device. Our white box approach gives customers complete data transparency while protecting citizen privacy, with the ability to apply the data into modern ITS systems using M2M APIs. Rather than inundate with more data, the x7 delivers smarter data utilizing edge computing techniques.

  • White box so you can see exactly what’s being done, and use any and all data as needed
  • APIs designed for integration into Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning systems, with manual downloads available via the Web portal
  • Anonymized device level raw reads across Bluetooth Classic, BLE, and Wi-Fi
  • Segment level raw matches stored in a compact form
  • Real-time streaming of data as well as using scheduled reporting intervals
  • Edge processing to calculate dwell time, with the system passing only the needed information saving on data storage, processing, and communications load
  • Optionally full raw reads can be collected and delivered to the Cloud system, with the rate settable at a deployment level to trade off data size to tune storage requirements
  • Cross agency data sharing supported for metro-level analysis and coordination

Best TCO

The Bluemac X7 delivers cost efficiency for customers, with the best price to performance and a superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). From our beginnings we have been an industry leader in economical pricing, and continue to do so with the x7 so our customers can get more with precious funding and budget compared to the competion. Other key aspects that deliver superior TCO include:

  • Extensive device management support
  • Over-the-air updates and device provisioning
  • Remote software diagnostics and status
  • Multiyear purchase options for easiest all-in procurement
  • Flexible purchase options across OpEx, CapEx, or blended – with lease options available
  • Built under ISO:9001 quality standards
  • Proven NEMA TS2-2003, IP68 enclosure providing strong environmental protection
  • Built with industrial grade components
  • Seventh generation system
  • Efficient installation and maintenance

Secure and Private

The x7 implements industry leading security at the device level and privacy protection for the collected citizen data:

  • State-of-the-art security for device access utilizing strong encryption rotating key access in concert with the Cloud system and onsite access
  • Secure encrypted communication from device to and from the Cloud or Server
  • All logged data is encrypted using a salted hash with a rotating key by each device
  • All logged data is stored in encrypted form in the Cloud or Server
  • Once the full data set is delivered to the Cloud from a device, the corresponding data is deleted from each device
  • By default the customer owns the data, and is not sold by Bluemac for our benefit

Flexible and Customizable

Every deployment has different needs, and the x7 comes in several configurations that can be customized and mixed and matched to fit any customer’s particular needs:

  • Three base configurations – solar powered self-contained, external installation, or mounted in-cabinet
  • Ethernet is standard, with Wi-Fi an available backhaul option along with 4G LTE NB-IoT or Cat-M1 cellular
  • Mains (both AC and DC), battery, or PoE for power sources
  • Mix and match the different device configurations across one deployment
  • Cloud hosted with option for on-premise server extension
  • Choose which combination of logging is right for the situation, any combination of BLE, Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi

Our devices come in three basic configurations, with a set of options and add-ons available to further tailor each device.

Bluemac x7i: In-Cabinet

Bluemac x7s: Solar-Powered Self-Contained

Bluemac x7e: External-Mount

Bluemac Device Options and Add-Ons

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