Data Collection for a Multimodal World

bluemac x7 devices deliver more matches for Travel Time and Origin-Destination analytics, providing rich and efficient data that’s completely owned by you.

More Matches, More Reads

With a “triple play” across Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi, the bluemac x7 answers your most pressing questions. The combination of BLE and Bluetooth Classic delivers 4x more matches than Bluetooth Classic alone–and the addition of Wi-Fi means wearables don’t get missed.

Private, Customer-Owned Data

By default, our customers own their data at all levels. We strongly adhere to privacy regulations on both raw and matched data. For situations in which customers cannot own the data or can only used processed output, we work out the needed data delivery directly.

Who We Are

bluemac provides economical and secure systems for accurate data and analysis for leading transportation agencies. In 2008, we were an early pioneer in applying Bluetooth technology. Today, we’re an ISO 9001 certified firm with deployments across the world. Our made-in-the-USA systems are key components of ITS solutions at the state, county, and city level.

Potential Uses for bluemac x7

Corridor Trip Length Studies: Is traffic on the road short or long-distance?

Performance Monitoring: How is traffic changing over time?

Origin-Destination Studies: How do cars circulate in and through my area?

Pedestrian Flow Map: Where do pedestrians go within my campus?

Before-After Evaluations: How have travel times changed on my route?

Pedestrian Dwell Times: Where are pedestrians waiting within my venue?

Travel Time Reliability Studies: How predictable are travel times on my route?

Our devices come in several configurations, with a set of options and add-ons available to further tailor each device. Contact our team to discuss your needs and learn more.