Airport Operations

Eliminate the guesswork in your operations monitoring with reliable, affordable, and effortless 24/7 data collection.

Support Aircraft Operations With Data-Driven Results

No more scraping together pilot logs, implementing manual counts, or maintaining other tedious or inaccurate count methods. Airport operators and transportation agencies use Blueavion f1 to accurately estimate aircraft operations at unmonitored or partially monitored airports, leading to effective airport management, planning, funding, and community relations. 

Blended Technology for Accurate Counts

By applying a blended approach across ADS-B (including Mode S Extended Squitter) and Mode C transponder data combined with a proven algorithm created by and licensed from Purdue University’s Purdue Research Foundation, the Blueavion f1 delivers a high level of accuracy for both General Aviation (GA) and commercial airports. The Blueavion f1 is completely centered on the airport and not a byproduct of a more general data feed. 

How You Can Use This Data

  • Monitor fleet mix
  • Track fleet operations
  • Airport master planning
  • AIP grant submissions
  • Environmental studies
Ready to produce accurate, effortless reporting on your airport operations?