BlueMAC Analytics is a leading provider of ITS data collection and analysis solutions for agencies worldwide. BlueMAC’s roots in the industry run deep, with our research into Bluetooth data collection for travel time and origin destination beginning prior to availability of the first industry research supporting the use of Bluetooth. In conjunction with the well-regarded traffic engineering firm Kittelson & Associates and a set of academic partners, our initial Bluetooth data collection project was successfully completed in August 2008 in Brisbane, Australia. Since then, BlueMAC has grown into a mature product with a full suite of reporting and analysis capabilities, many of which are unique to our solution. With more than 90% of our initial customer deployments expanded within one year, BlueMAC’s clients have consistently demonstrated their satisfaction with our solution. BlueMAC’s development team is an industry leader in Bluetooth technology and data analysis capabilities, putting us in position to provide customers unique solutions based on their needs. Additionally, we are ISO 9001 certified ensuring our systems are built to the highest quality standards. With over 25 billion unique data points collected and efficiently delivered and analyzed via our Site Services, BlueMAC is the right choice for agencies building analytics into their ITS solutions.

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