BlueMAC devices are offered in configurations designed to best meet the needs of our customers, which can be mixed and matched within each deployment across individual locations. Our hardware system is in its fifth generation and is ISO-certified, building on our long-standing position in delivering industry leading Bluetooth probe systems.

BlueMAC hardware meets key environmental requirements. Our field devices are tested and meet or exceed all applicable portions of the NEMA TS2-2003 standard. In addition to laboratory testing the BlueMAC system has been continuously running on battery power with solar charging for over 4 years in a multi-hundred unit device deployment in the extreme heat conditions of the Middle East, as well as in the high humidity conditions found in Florida. BlueMACs also have been successfully deployed in the very cold temperature environments found in Canada and the northeastern United States.

BlueMAC provides support for logging either/or Bluetooth Classic as well as Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) signals. With Bluetooth Classic, the transmit power of the BlueMAC can be changed remotely enabling optimization of each device’s reception range. The reporting frequency from each device can be configured to optimize for power consumption and the need for real-time reporting. Clients can choose which of these setting and combinations are most appropriate for their device deployments.

BlueMACs are designed for efficient deployment and maintenance in the field. Given the optimal deployment height of 8’ to 10’ for BlueMAC units and the design of the mounting system, our devices can be deployed with a minimal set of equipment and reasonable expertise needed by Field Technicians. We have a specific device designed for deployment in signal controller cabinets, taking into account the Bluetooth antenna mounting to optimize this device’s ability to pick up Bluetooth signals despite being mounted in a metal cabinet.

Our devices come in three basic configurations, with a set of options and add-ons available to further tailor each device.

BlueMAC SCU: The Self-Contained Unit

BlueMAC PMU: The Pole-Mounted Unit

BlueMAC ICU: The In-Cabinet Unit

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