Looking for the best pricing with a quality system? A data ownership model tailored to fit your needs? Flexible deployment options? Talk to BlueMAC Analytics.

BlueMAC Analytics provides solutions for accurate and timely Travel Time, Speed, and Origin Destination data and analysis for leading transportation agencies worldwide. As an early pioneer in applying Bluetooth® probe technology for transportation agency solutions, our devices and services are proven and robust. BlueMAC is a key component of ITS solutions at the state, county, and city level.

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BlueMAC Analytics - Headquartered in Portland, Oregon

Our BlueMAC devices can be deployed in a variety of environments and configurations, meeting the varied needs of our customers and ensuring appropriate capture rates are achieved to provide statistically valid measures for segment Travel-Time and Origin-Destination data on target arterials. BlueMAC Site Services provide the data management, analysis and device management capabilities needed to effectively integrate BlueMAC data and analytics into broader ITS solutions implemented by Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). Our solutions can also run stand-alone for daily operations, data collection, study, and design purposes. It is especially well suited to cost efficient collection of required segment performance data for MAP-21 and FAST Act, offering a continuous data collection service compared to license plate matching, radar, and probe vehicles means.

By default, our customers own the data at all levels produced by the BlueMAC system, with privacy protection strongly applied on the raw data collected. For customers in situations where they cannot own the data or can only use processed output, we work out the needed terms directly with each customer.

With BlueMAC we roll up our sleeves to help customers effectively design BlueMAC to best meet their overall needs – both what’s known today and planned for tomorrow. We pride ourselves in delivering economical yet well supported solutions and deployments for agencies and private parties.

BlueMAC has the capability and experience to build and deliver solutions for transportation agencies of all sizes with our Made-In-The-USA systems.

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