The BlueMAC team has decades of combined experience in Bluetooth data collection as a part of ITS solutions, providing industry leading hardware and software systems. Our first Bluetooth-based data collection project was a mid-sized Origin-Destination study in 2008, serving as a solid foundation to develop and launch the BlueMAC Site Services in 2010. Since then our Site Services has collected over 25 billion unique Bluetooth data points. The system provides speedy delivery of aggregated reports, making it easier to interact with the available data and reporting. Travel Time and Origin-Destination reports calculate in real time taking seconds allowing a user to dynamically select or change filter options on-the-go.

BlueMAC is an internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 certified firm which started in 1995 as Digiwest providing technology research, support and solutions to the transportation and civil engineering industries. Over the last 20 years we have performed, managed or provided for thousands of Bluetooth data collection projects, created companion softward for FHWA initiatives and delivered IT infrastructure support to clients worldwide.

BlueMAC understands that one size does not fit all in the complex world of TSMO and ITS solutions. Our Site Services are designed to provide the core analysis capabilities at industry leading calculation rates needed to help efficiently operate, study, modify, and design transportation infrastructure. Our open approach to data ensures agencies have full access to all generated information, whether before or after processing by our analytics engine. If our analysis capabilities do not fit a specific need, our data can be applied to whatever analysis methods a customer wishes to use outside of our system.

We pride ourselves on quality and accuracy of our data and analysis rather than just focusing on the quantity of data produced Рcustomers have enough data to deal with and appreciate our focus on results and findings. We offer both hosted as well as on-premise options for our Site Services server technology, giving customers the flexibility to choose the right server implementation for their situation. The BlueMAC devices are designed to be deployed across a wide-range of deployment environments within traffic infrastructure in mix-and-match combinations all the way from complete stand-alone deployments with no hardwired connection to power or Internet, to installations that cleanly fit into existing signal controller cabinets integrating into available infrastructure and systems.

Our business is backed by a customer service focus to ensure our customers have a strong experience from initial deployment throughout the lifecycle of our solutions, and we are ready to tackle the issues that invariably come up with the challenging multi-vendor solutions scenarios implemented by our customers.

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